MCSC 2012MAY09

I am an unusual individual with a perception of the world that can only be called eclectic. I use this view of life to offer a sometimes different perspective of many facets of life to any and all who want to listen. There are no expectations. There are no hidden agendas. This is just a blog of many and varied opinions on just as many subjects.

Expect to hear many gripes during the course of a post. Remember, this site is SoapBoxRants, not Carebears for Peace and Harmony. Sometimes the only way to get a point across is to just “George Carlin” the subject. Only usually with fewer expletives. People are overly unreasonable about the use of “colorful metaphors” as James T. Kirk once put it.


A quick note about my Soap Box Rants, although I believe that most of you already know this. My purpose is to open minds, to encourage free thinkers. Great advances in Humanity come from free thinking. The world could use a few such advances.

Please, read the Rants carefully if you read them at all. In them you will find a philosophical view of the world that might be a bit different from yours. With luck it will also encourage some original thought…something apart from what Mother Culture has programmed the masses to think. Perhaps it will yield the next great breakthrough in Human understanding. Perhaps it will do little more than give someone a moment to look at life from a slightly different angle. In all honesty, I would be far more impressed if the latter happened.

These Rants are not posted frequently. These are subjects I have put a lot of time into contemplating. Far more often I will post about trivial things such as television shows or technology. Yes, I said technology is trivial and I am a technophile. Regardless of my predisposition to play with as many electronic goodies as I can get my hands on, I still believe that the understanding of Human Nature is a far greater goal and purpose for the Human Race. After all, we must understand ourselves before we truly understand the Universe because we are the Universe’s will made manifest. We are the created from the stuff of the cosmos. Actually, I think it was best phrased by the character Delenn in Babylon5:

We are Star Stuff. The Universe made manifest trying to figure itself out. And sometimes the Universe requires a change of perspective. At the right moment we are in the right place. The Universe puts us in places we can learn. Where ever we are is the right place at the right time and the pain is part of the process of being born. The Universe knows what it is doing.

This is, in essence, the point I try to make in my Rants. We must change our perspective from time to time in order to better understand who we are.