Roads converge and separate
Paths can cross and undulate
The sun will rise and darkness falls
Doves and ravens let out their calls

Alone I watch and scrutinize
Alone I wait to see the signs
Alone I sit in patience still
Alone I ponder greater will

Seasons come and seasons go
Round again, to and fro
Yet I sit and yet I wait
Will it ever be my fate?

Rain Falls

Rain falls
I sit and ponder
I wonder and dream
I contemplate

Rain falls
I sit and relax
I unwind and rest
I meditate

Rain falls
The sound fills the silence
It calms and seduces
Rain falls


She does not know
The power she has
It permeates my soul
Makes me better than I am

I long to hold her
To stroke her hair
To kiss her lips
Bring her a smile Continue reading “Hopes”

Winter Solstice

Circle cast around the room
Elements enjoined
We sit and share our hearts and joys
Opening ourselves

Wood and stone
Incense smoke
Warmth of fire
Water stilled

Flow of energy
Hopes and dreams
Food and drink
We celebrate


Petals forged in white-hot flame
Attention to every detail
Delicate look
Inner strength

Gentle scent added
It will not fade
It will not wilt
It will always be there

Inner thoughts

It was a cool evening, the kind that flows with relaxation. A light breeze brushed his back. He absently thumped some ashes off of his clove cigarette and resumed his lazy swinging.

The stars are bright tonight, he thought. A kind of luminous haze stretched across the sky. The moon was full and bright, illuminating the few wispy clouds that passed overhead. Taking another draw on his clove, he laid his head back and let his mind wander. He could begin to feel the energies flowing about him, through him. This was what he wanted. Relaxation and cleansing were his purpose. Continue reading “Inner thoughts”

On Night Elves

Pointy ears and leather armor
Hiding in the shadows
Too bad you hit the trap
And are now a block of ice

Bouncy red arrow on your head
Azrael getting toothy with it
Pokey arrows in your head
And now the little rogue is dead