On Night Elves

Pointy ears and leather armor
Hiding in the shadows
Too bad you hit the trap
And are now a block of ice

Bouncy red arrow on your head
Azrael getting toothy with it
Pokey arrows in your head
And now the little rogue is dead


You say it all the time
I don’t want to be here
But what you never say is
Where you want to be

Where do you want to be
Where do you want to go
What is it that you want
What is it that you need

Only you can answer that
Only you know what it is
In the silence of the heart
In the silence of the soul

That is where the answers wait
You have but to hear the silence
It will guide you better
Than a cluttered mind


How do you put words
on feelings this deep
they all fall short
they cage something boundless

Language is too limited
Actions are not enough
But a look
See it in my eyes

It is in them
It is all there
In them you might see
In them you might know

In them


Feathered wings
White or black
It matters not
They walk a path

Not on pedastals
Not in the clouds
No longer above us
But here on the ground

Some see only devils
Castoffs and rejects
I see them fortunate
They walk among us


This is kind of an almagamation of Shadowalker and Rangers and about three other writings that weren’t posted.


In the darkness of night
the shadows of day
a form slowly moves
observing the view

This is my life
to walk in places
others will not go
out of fear of unknowns

Here I abide
and stand firm, determined
no ground will I give
nor back will I turn

This is my home
it is all I have known
understanding the beast
makes it a beast no more

Some fear the dark
but the dark fears me
I know of its secrets
and hidden frailties

But make no mistake
about my place here
I stand in the dark
to hold it at bay

One cannot fight
an enemy unknown
or one will lose
before one volley thrown

I know the dark
it is my home
I know it well
so I will not lose