Sometimes fear takes me
My doubts drown out calming thoughts
I suffer alone

Or put another way…I worry about little things that I imagine are wrong but aren’t. I usually know when it’s just paranoia…but there’s nothing I can do about it. I can’t really say anything to anyone or they’d just think I was a little off. It’s irritating…it’s annoying…and what I need is someone to smack me around when I get this way.

The Words

Somewhere you know
deep inside where you hide
the feelings we share

As you wish.

We haven’t used the words
It’s another line to cross
Another fear to face

As you wish.

You won’t face it alone
You have but to ask
You know I’ll say

As you wish.


How long will we dance this dance?
How long will we deny ourselves?
As long as it takes.
As long as you need.

I am not a patient person.
But for you I will wait.
Let the end of days come.
I will be here.

When we finally touch,
Time will stand still.
Angels will weep in joy.
And our souls will soar.


It is fear.
It is doubt.

Loyalty can mislead.
Morality can misdirect.

What do the quiet places say?
How do you become complete with compromise?

Gambling can be dangerous.
Chances, though, must be taken.


Uncertain one
Caught between fear and doubt
The moment elongated

Listen to the silence
The quiet mind
It knows
It reveals

Change brings fear
It gives way
Happiness conquers


Have you ever made a connection
One so profound it alters your very being
One so personal that your soul is suffused
A hole you didn’t know you had, filled

Not just feelings of heart and mind
But of sheer wholeness, completion
Nobody alone is capable
It takes two for this

It isn’t a form of moderation
Mere acceptance and understanding
These are just compromises
For those that don’t take the risk

It burns with lasting intensity
With joy and fear and hope
Uncertainty lines the entrance
To stop the timid wills

See, nothing in life is easy
Not even that little step
If it were, then would we
Hold dear this special gift?