Wil Wheaton – A Lifehacker Moment

So I stumbled over this post at Lifehacker. Seems Gina got to meet Wil Wheaton…and he’s a huge fan. It just goes to show that not only is Wil a great guy and truly a geek’s geek, but the guy’s got taste. Lifehacker is probably one of my favorite sites in the internet and is so chocked full of information that I sometimes fear permanently fusing all of my synapses into a solid mass from the informational overload. And yet I cannot stop reading every new post like a kid with the latest issue of his favorite comic.

Swing by Lifehacker and check out the post if you are curious about what computers and software Wil uses on a regular basis. Oh…and don’t forget to look at how he signed Gina’s book, because the cake is a lie.

In the works

So here’s SBR all new and shiny and actually still in the bubble wrap. I’ve got many, many things that must still be done to take the new code and make it my own. So for a little while, the old rants and prose won’t be available. Don’t worry. I won’t make the update take the same amount of time as my old posts. I just want to have a few minutes to get the feel ‘right’ before I put out the final version.

Unfortunately, my web host requires all web files to be deleted when you switch from Microsoft to Linux hosting. And, of course, that is exactly what I had to do to get the blog format for my site up and running the way I wanted it. Now, sit back and relax…go have some Fourth of July fun and check back later in the week for the all new SBR.

On Holidays

So I was sitting here thinking about the holidays. Amazing how much stress can breed from something that’s supposed to be a simple celebration. You really gotta hand it to the capitalistic think-tanks. They never miss a chance to rape a meaningful event until it’s nothing more than a profit increasing spend-fest. I suppose it can’t be helped. We’re all so caught up in material things that we soon forget what’s really important in life. Continue reading “On Holidays”

Wandering Thoughts

Decisions are made in their own time.

The subconscious knows a lot…but it only tells you when you are ready and willing to listen. It can be irritating and annoying, but that’s how it works.

There are many types of love.

Life without happiness is merely existing…it isn’t really living.

Things change over time. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad.

Always be true to yourself.

Go after what you want.

Learn patience…it’s probably one of the harder things to do. But it’s necessary because things will happen in their own time.

Friendship is sacred. Always cherish it.

Don’t forget the little things. Every ‘big’ thing is really made up of lots of little things.

Manners. Never forget them.

When you can help someone, do so.

Don’t be afraid to reach for something more. Even if you don’t succeed, you will learn something about yourself.

Don’t expect to ever fully know yourself. Finding out new things about you is a little gift. Enjoy it.

Sing. It’s fun…especially when people look at you funny.

Dance. It’s fun, too. Try it while singing.

Have at least one good laugh a day. It makes things a little better.